Yogyakarta Diary

ver since Jayant wrote his amazing account of Jogyakarta trip (here), this place has been on my mind. So when we were making plans for a trip to Bali, I could not help but force Ekta to accept at least one day in Yogyakarta. To save money, we had...

Colorful Rajasthan: Jaisalmer Fort – Sonar Kella

A massive fort built in yellow sand-stone rising out of the flatland like a mirage in the desert, that’s the Sonar Kella of Jaisalmer for you ..

Mardi Gras- the carnival of New Orleans

If you are in the vicinity of New Orléans, USA during the first week of February, it will be blasphemous to leave without attending the “Fat Tuesday”, known popularly as Mardi Gras. Brought to the American soil by early French Settlers, Mardi Gras is the season of...

Journey to Lava Land: Borobudur and Mt.Merapi – 1

We bid adieu to our French friends and started for Borobudur in the afternoon. Here, a nice lady from Canada accompanied us. She was a tour guide in Europe and was volunteering for an NGO in Asia. When she said that after the weekend, she needs to get back to work,...

Quick Monsoon Getaways Near Pune

Some quick monsoon getaways near Pune for a day trip to enjoy the beauty of the Western Ghats in the rainy season …


In The Nubra Valley

The Nubra Valley in Ladakh has seen trade caravans of the Silk route since antiquity and is famous for its sand dunes and double Bactrian humped camels.

Across The Khardung La

An intimate affair with Khardung La, one of the highest mountain passes in the world, at 17,582 ft, that I crossed four times in a matter of two weeks.


Common Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

Most travelers will fall prey to a travel scam no matter how hard they try to blend in with the locals. While not all scams can be prevented, it’s important to take extra measures to avoid them. The first step in avoiding a scam is learning how to identify one.


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